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Wildlands Conservancy Makes Preservation a Matter of Taste

White Water

Those of us who are fortunate enough to reside in the Coachella Valley are surrounded by some of the most beautiful and unspoiled natural landscape on the planet. Majestic mountains, rolling hills, acres of wilderness and warm starry nights are just a few of the perks that belong to us simply for living in the desert. Listening to the wind or the singing of birds may be something we take for granted but the Wildlands Conservancy knows that such privileges must be fiercely protected.

On April 13 and 14 the Whitewater Preserve will present the 3rd Annual “A Matter of Taste” Art and Music Festival in the breathtaking venue of Whitewater Canyon. On both days from 9 AM to 4:30 PM people who love art, nature, and music will unite to enjoy a weekend of fun and to raise money for the preservation of our natural ecosystem.

The Wildlands Conservancy is the owner and operator of California’s largest nonprofit nature preserve system. The system includes a dozen of the most magnificent landscapes imaginable spanning over 145,000 acres of the most diverse areas of mountains, valleys, and desert lands. In addition, they also funded the largest conservation land gift to the American people in US history of more than 560,000 acres. Utilizing only private funding the Conservancy purchases and restorers natural landscapes, building National Park quality facilities for visitors and nature lovers that are open free of charge.

Along with our friends and neighbors we are able to enjoy hiking, picnicking, camping, and outdoor educational programs all offered at no cost thanks to the generosity of corporations, foundations and private individuals who care about the natural environment. This year’s event will feature the Palm Springs High School Jazz Band along with artistry by names we all know such as Michael Smiley, David Jesse McChesney, Elizabeth Green, and David Salk.

There will also be an Art Benefit an Artist’s Reception for which tickets will be required. At a cost of only $30 guests will be able to partake of refreshments and mingle with the local artists. Raffles will raise more funds and offer terrific prizes for the lucky winners. As always, there will be plenty of outdoor activities to keep the kids occupied. The Whitewater area is known for its pristine beauty and is a favorite destination for outdoor fun.

So many of my real estate clients are devoted nature lovers. They purchase homes in this Valley so they can enjoy unobstructed views, majestic sunsets and the sounds and smells of nature on a daily basis. The Wildlands Conservancy is dedicated to maintaining the lush environment we have all become so accustomed to enjoying. I hope you will come out to support them!

Click here for more information on the Whitewater Preserve 3rd Annual A Matter of Taste.

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