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Palm Springs Tramway Marks a Half Century

Palm Springs Tram

It is hard to believe that 50 years has come and gone since the Palm Springs Tramway made its first journey up the daunting cliffs of Chino Canyon in September of 1963. Since then, that 12 minute ride has been taken by more than 13 million people who have been awed by the panoramic, breathtaking views from the world’s largest rotating aerial tram. Ascending 6,000 feet, and more than 8,600 feet above the desert floor the Tramway actually takes the rider through five life zones (Biomes) from start to finish.

Even in the heat of summer it is cool or cold at the top of the Tram. Once there, there are 54 scenic miles of hiking trails to enjoy at Mt. San Jacinto State Park. If there is one tried and true way to beat the notorious Palm Springs summer heat, it is to take the Tram “up the hill” as the locals like to say! There is even a fine dining restaurant called the Peaks and a more affordable alternative called the Pines Café if you are hungry or would like a cocktail as you view the pristine scenery.

One of our most famous landmarks, the Tramway is also one of the best reasons to have a vacation home in the Coachella Valley. I find that each year we have more people staying year round thanks to the luxurious lifestyles, wealth of amenities of every possible kind, and wide open spaces surrounding us. We still live in the lap of luxury surrounded one of the last frontiers of the west and we know it. Off-roading, horseback riding, hiking and biking are among our most popular past times thanks to the acres of wilderness we have in which to indulge our wild side.

With an amazing inventory of fine estates, custom designed homes and family residences on tap I have never seen such enthusiasm for home shopping as we have enjoyed this past year. It just keeps getting better. I don’t think anyone ever expected to see interest rates reach these low levels either, so naturally this is the right time to snap up a dream home at affordable pricing. Everyone knows that the Coachella Valley is a golfer’s paradise but I think they are pleasantly surprised when they discover that we also are famous for tennis and plenty of other sporting events.

The Tramway is offering $50 Summer Season passes to commemorate the special 50th year of fun so don’t miss a chance to take as many trips “up the hill” this summer as you wish. Don’t be surprised to see me there!

For more information on the 50th Anniversary of the Palm Springs Tramway visit http://www.pstramway.com.

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