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Art Under the Umbrellas Comes to Old Town La Quinta

Old Town La Quinta

Yes, I know it is an annual event but every year it gets better! It just never quite seems like The Season is really here until I see Main Street in Old Town La Quinta covered in pristine white umbrellas and laden with mind boggling art. Who doesn’t love to grab their favorite latte and stroll the exhibits all the day long? Live music always adds such a festive ambiance and then nobody can resist taking in a leisurely gourmet lunch or dinner at one of the many premium eateries along the way or doing some serious wine tasting.

The La Quinta Cove is believed to be a place of mystical magic, you know. Many artisans believe it is an area of universal convergence where they may become endowed with artistic abilities beyond what they themselves actually possess. You will get no argument from me. If you have ever taken a good look at row after row of fine art, quality craftsmanship and exquisite paintings that line Main Street during all those Saturdays from late October to mid-March you are probably a believer just as I am. Out of this world talent is the only way to describe the works these folks produce year in and year out.

There is a charm about La Quinta that is unique to the valley, particularly Old Town. I have often wondered how it must have looked before it was developed, given its cozy locale nestled up against the beautiful Santa Rosa mountains. When the Colorado River changed its course about 500 years ago, the east end of the valley became flooded which created the (now extinct) freshwater Lake Cahuilla and you can actually still the water line along the base of the mountains today.

It must have been an amazing sight for the first ancestors of La Quinta who were the Desert Cahuilla Indians and whose presence is still very much a part of this lovely valley. With the nearby and ancient Salton Sea, the ranches, the La Quinta Hotel, the Bradshaw Trail, PGA West, our favorite celebrities and a still staggering amount of raw physical beauty, La Quinta remains a place where magic does indeed abound and miracles are likely to happen.

So, if you doubt that La Quinta is a place of mystery and magic, just take a walk down Main Street some Saturday during The Season and see for yourselves. What could have inspired the artistic gifts and production of our own local craftspeople except the alchemy of the ages?

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